AQN Means
Assured Quality Natural

We are a not-for-profit organization.

We support independent natural health food stores who care, and consumers who want better health choices.

Assured Quality

Since the 1950s people are consuming more and more over processed, overrefined foods. Leaders of the natural health food industry have led the fight for better nutrition and continue to do so. They created the awareness of organic and fought against the unhealthy trends. They were criticized, mocked, and attacked, but courageously refused to be discouraged. They stood up for what was right. AQN does the same.

Assured Natural

The original natural health food stores brought us better natural food choices to nourish our bodies. AQN does the same. We support companies with local organic farms that don’t use any pesticides, even the ones permitted by law. We also believe that all natural products need to be guaranteed clean.
We recommend ISURA-tested products because they have passed the most rigorous testing in the world.